The rabbit is out of the hat! BOOM! Studios is releasing issue 1 of 8 of creator-owned book Thomas Alsop in June 2014, an occult New York story, written by Chris Miskiewicz and drawn by yours truly. Bleeding Cool did a nice little write up and people have been showing all kinds of support via Twitter and Facebook . I’ve obviously known about this for a while, even recorded a podcast with my friend and mentor Peter Snejbjerg on the topic of working on a monthly book.

What is Thomas Alsop? Who is Thomas Alsop? Well, he’s a rock’n’roll magician, a tv celebrity, a douchebag and an unlikely hero if there ever was one. His old band was called The Black Sheep. He’s the current Hand of the Island, the magical protector of Manhattan.

I won’t spoil any of the actual story for you, but if you’re hurting for more, you can read a 12-page short featuring Thomas Alsop here: and watch the live action promo at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a comic to work on.

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