Films School Confidential: THE LAST GODFATHER


Monday here at film school began with a moving and personal speech from principal Poul Nesgaard, about his recent high school reunion. The man is an excellent speaker, quirky and intelligent. While he was talking, I realized that this is the last week of regular education here for me and the five other master class students. First week of December we have readings of our screenplays with actors playing the parts. And while I look forward to this culmination of my 1-year education here, it also saddens me that the party is almost over.

After a short break we continued with Mogens Rukows weekly storytelling class, which seems to mostly consist of showing scenes from The Godfather. Here I got a distinct feeling of deja vu, when we watched the first sequences of Godfather III, twice. It was perhaps a month ago we watched that whole 35 minute segment last. Three times in a row. Rukow talks a lot about repetition as a storytelling tool. Practice what you preach, no? However, this time Rukow actually did give us a little something we can use in storytelling, a way of constructing the scenes. According to Rukow, a scene can really only be one of three things: planning, execution/action, and reaction/summary. Looking at scenes like this might be helpful. Watching Godfather III over and over again… Don’t really see the point. But you start to notice goofs on and bad exposition, and I suppose that’s educational.

And, dare I say, ever so slightly boring.

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