The Quai Des Bulles festival is over. What came out of it, only time will tell. But I sold most of the books I brought with me, and was able to present my work to a few publishers and make some new friends. And I got some crucial work on the second draft of my screenplay done, specifically editing down the first sequences to make a tighter, more intriguing first act. And get the second act going a lot faster. Thanks to Ingo Milton for showing interest and playing along.

I bumped into Trickster founder and Pixar artist/writer Ted Mathot whom I met in San Diego this year. We ended up blocking the aisle and talking storytelling for almost an hour. I moved some more books and did sketches for all the nice people who bought it. Thank you, French people! The Devil’s Concubine could not have been, without the influence from Melville and Besson. Let’s hope the book finds a French publisher soon.

Only two trains out of here today, I have to be on the one at 7.50 AM to make my flight at 6 PM. A long day on the road awaits, but I can do some more work on the way. Looking forward to it, actually. It’s been a fun few days, hope the guests enjoyed the Danish presence here and won’t resent us for coming back.

Merci, au revoir.

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– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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