On the move: BELLEVILLE

img_4469Not sure if anyone is reading this blog but the habit of putting my thoughts in writing is something I’m trying to do anyway. So here’s what I’ve been doing this week while staying in apartment in Belleville, Paris all by myself.
I’ve been super productive. Coloring the graphic novel The Last Good Man from A. J. Kazinski’s bestseller of the same name. One day I banged out 7 pages of coloring. In case you don’t know, my average would be like 3 or 4.
I’ve been super sensible. Eating in, not getting to bed too late, setting the alarm. I take a short walk every day to get some air or just groceries.
I’ve been missing my family, particularly my two girls. On my walk today I noted where the playgrounds and nice cafés where so I can show them next time we’re all down here.
I am super grateful for the opportunity to stay in the apartment here, for having a supportive wife who understands the need and benefits of a refuge week like this. I’m also grateful for having work that I can bring along and do pretty much anywhere, something I’ve just discovered in the past few years. And it only becomes more possible with writing, something I look forward to doing more of in 2017.
The only regret I have is dropping my iPhone on a tile floor and cracking the screen. But learning the lesson of not bringing my phone to the bathroom is probably a good thing.
Now: Back to work.