On the move: COMIC CON 2013

Landed in San Diego last night where I’m attending my third Comic Con. Thrilled to be here.

Even after a 15+ hour trip and a few beers in me, I only managed to sleep until 7 this morning. Maybe it’s the jetlag, maybe I’m just used to getting up early after 7 years with kids in the house (and quite often in my bed).

A few things are different about this year for me:

1: The past two years I went with my wife and daughters, and had to divide my attention between the con and family time. I thought this year I would go alone, sparing the family of only seeing me for breakfast and sparing myself of the guilty conscience gnawing at me for leaving my wife to take care of the kids while I was meeting comics people and hitting the bar late into the night.

2: Instead, I’m sharing a room with my friend and collaborator Chris Miskiewicz, who flew in from New York to be my wingman. I’m lugging my newly Denmark-published book STILETTO with me, and Chris has brought our common project Thomas Alsop: The Hand of the Island. Together we will hopefully be corner an editor or two and force them to look at our work. And it’s a great excuse for the two of us to hang out.

3: The past years I’ve been blogging consistenly on this page, putting up pictures and sharing my experiences on the floor. This year, I’ll be focusing my efforts on connecting with people in the flesh and doing podcasts on my Comics For Beginners site. You can listen to the first one here:


So if you’re hoping for daily updates here, sorry to let you down! Although I do try, I just can’t be everywhere at once.

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