Dave McKean talking about using music as a springboard for emotional connection to his work

Day 4 at Comic Con and fatigue is starting to set in. While the wife and kids are at Sea World, I roam the floors of Comic Con and try not to embarrass myself too much.

Last night was a lot of fun, met a lot of Brooklyn artists at Trickster, learnt about the current New York heat wave. I hope it’s cooled down when we fly over there on Tuesday! Far as I know I’m still the only Danish cartoonist here, but Americans are so easy to talk to and very including. Not like Danes, who don’t usually talk to strangers and have a more mind-your-own-business-and-stay-out-of-the-other’s-way kind of behavior – much like in a men’s urinal!

I did have a couple of downer moments. One was spilling half a beer on Kevin Colden (sorry!) and the other was more a question of my vanity taking a blow. Someone I was talking to at the Hyatt bar basically said: “Oh, that’s very interesting. I’m going to go over here now” and walked away. But he was British, maybe that explains it. They do have a history of snooty arrogance.

This morning I attended a panel on World Building at Trickster (above pic) with writers/creators like Steve Niles, Dave McKean, Josh Fialkov, B. Clay Moore and Craig Thompson. The discussion was just as much about relatable characters as beliavable scenery. It’s all connected. Besides being awestruck by the talent on display, the smile on my face continued from last night – from the sheer awesomeness of this whole venue. As Scott Morse said, Trickster is all about accessability and the chance for like-minded creators to get together and learn from each other. And music, alcohol and half-naked girls prancing around. What’s not to like?

But – even though I love – LOVE -Trickster, I should drag my hangover to the convention centre soon. Once more into the breach, my friends.

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