On the move: COMIC CON – DAY 3 & 4

Time flies when you’re having fun. The past two days flew by like a squadron of Tie-fighters, leaving me with impressions to digest for weeks to come.

Friday I took my oldest daughter to the Con and we basically just walked around and looked at dolls, Disney art and weird people. We had sushi with the rest of the family at Trickster, and then it was just me and the entire US comics industry again. Only two Danes at the Con as far as I know, and I’m the only representative as a creator, so I hope I’m doing a good job!

Saturday was busier for me, as I had a signing at the IDW booth. It was great meeting with people and defoul my book with white markers, as the first page of the US edition is black. I hung out with 27 creator Charles Soule and some other writers at Trickster before going to an IDW afterparty, met even more people and basically just talked about myself until my throat was sore. Note to self: Stop talking!

Must be hot in there!

Lance Reddick from The Wire! This guy was my main model for The Haitian, I should have told him.

Cards..? I don’t even know what this is. But they had like a million of them.
Signing at the IDW booth. Thanks to my editor for snapping these photos.

More signing.

Even outside the convention you run into sights like this, it’s all over the city.

One more story: Back at the-fanciest-hotel-I’ve-ever-lived-in, I bumped into Andy Kuhn, who told me that Lance Henriksen had been signing his new book at Trickster earlier that day. SO sorry I missed that! I guess with a 5-day event like this, you’re bound to miss 90% of it. I won’t even look at the program to see what else I missed, I’ll just try to enjoy my last day at the convention.

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