On the move: Comic Con, signings and more!

I had a blast at SDCC, promoting Thomas Alsop and hanging with friends, old and new. Some of the newer ones where the guys at makingcomics.com whom I had only previously talked to online. They invited me to sit on a panel Saturday with a bunch of smart people, discussing the future of comics: Rachel Beck from Storyforge, Mark Waid (of Daredevil fame) and Christina Blanch (writer of Damnation of Charlie Wormwood) from Thrillbent, Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience, Jim Zub (writer of Skullkickers, Wayward). A great discussion which was luckily recorded and just went live at http://www.makingcomics.com/2014/08/05/making-comics-sdcc-2014/

Another announcement I’m pleased to make is that I’ll be signing Thomas Alsop and my own graphic novel, The Devil’s Concubine, at Zanadu Comics in Seattle on August 20. – the release day of Thomas Alsop issue #3. More details at https://perry-plush.squarespace.com/zanadu-comics/2014/7/31/signings-at-zanadu
I’m currently working out of Periscope Studio in Portland – stay tuned for a post on that experience.

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