Whew, what happened yesterday, it’s all a blur!

No wait, I remember.

A few highlights; I met Gabriel Hardman and his wife Corinna at their table and did a little impromptu interview with him on my iPod. I met Gabriel in San Diego earlier this year and besides being a brilliant artist he is just the nicest guy, very funny and smart. 

I sat in for “27” writer Charles Soules at his table while he went to get a bite to eat. Finally met David Lloyd, who I had previously only talked to online, and I finally got a copy of his book “Kickback“. We traded books and talked about old movies. It makes me worry that every movie I recommend these days is at least 15 years old. Am I just slowly sinking into nostalgia like so many old men before me? Or do I just have really good taste? Such a dilemma.

I talked to one of my favorite artists, John Paul Leon, at his table in Artists Alley, and ogled his originals. Leon told me he had been working in comics for twenty years this year, yet he didn’t seem jaded or tired at all, just very friendly and enthusiastic about art.

The day before I had picked up Kody Chamberlains “Sweets” and out of all the books I lugged home, his was the one I wanted to read first. It’s a New Orleans crime noir, and Chamberlain wrote, drew and designed the whole thing. So he was on my list of people I just HAD to meet. If you like my stuff, well, check out Kody Chamberlain.

After dinner at a very authentic Italian place, we went to the late, late screening of the Warren Ellis movie “Captured Ghosts”. A great bio of a great man. I had to catch a cab straight after or I would have fallen asleep right on the street. My Romanian cabbie was chatty and smart, that kept me awake during the ride to Brooklyn. Finally; Sleep.

My body allowed me to sleep a little later this morning, and the sun is out again. Writing this on the patio before going back to NYCC.

Once more into the breach, dear friends.

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