I’m here in Bretagne for the annual Quai Des Bulles comics festival, along with a small delegation of Danish cartoonists. Since I don’t speak French or really know any locals, most of the time has been spent hanging out with Danes I don’t get to see a lot back in Copenhagen.

I recorded a podcast from the festival for the Comics for Beginners site. Check it out here.

And for the pictures to go along with the sound, well…

Saint Malo is a beautiful medieval city and the weather has been awesome for October.
Upon arrival I got these great plastic coins that you can buy drinks with. Awesome VIP style.

Not all the French are friendly.

Saint Malo is an old pirate town. It runs as a theme in some of the exhibitions.
One day I want a sketchbook out with my name on it too!

The Danes. In this picture, Rene Birkholm, Sussi Bech and Frank Madsen.


Pirate tattoo, anyone?

The French artists take their time with signing, giving each fan an elaborate sketch.

Live sketching in the main building, with a view of the chatau outside.
Quite a few more people at the festival on Saturday, standing in line for sketches.

An elobarate show for the kids, complete with mad scientists and giant artist robot.
More pirates.

The VIP lounge is in an old boat docked next to the festival building.
Tons of restaurants are along the old city wall. St Malo is a great place for food and drinks.

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