On the move: SEAN PHILLIPS!

One of the best things for me to see here at the Quai Des Bulles festival in Saint Malo, is the extensive Sean Phillips exhibit. Originals and cover paintings from Criminal, Fatale and other art. The talented and productive Brit has been wrapped in an all American setup resembling a film noir movie set. I took a bunch of pictures Yesterday, posted here for your enjoyment.

Phillips himself is present here although I haven’t had a chance to meet up with him yet. I still owe him a beer for endorsing “The Devil’s Concubine” with a quote for the back cover. If it doesn’t happen this time around, well, here’s to you Sean; Thanks for the support and thanks for being a great inspiration.

Breaking news: While I was writing this post, Sean Phillips walked in the press lounge and we had a nice little chat. Guess it’s another one of those lucky days.

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