The past week weeks have been crazy workwise. This week I’ve been booked for three different out-of-the-house live drawing gigs, no preliminary sketches, just head-on drawing. I’ve been trying on new stuff, like drawing on a whiteboard and being filmed, the result a speeded-up inspirational video for a corporate event. Yesterday I tried on a nifty gadget called Pencast, a ballpoint with a built-in microphone and tracing pad, so everything is recorded directly. In one take. You make a mistake, you have to start over.

And here I am at another corporate event, shooting from the hip, just getting drawings done. Fast. It’s draining, but rewarding. It pays reasonably well and it sharpens your speed-drawing skills tremendously. Here are some examples of what I’ve been doing this morning.

Next week I’ll hopefully get some time for my own projects and some posts here. Got a quick interview with Ben Templesmith coming up, some work-in-progress and some writing tips brewing. I am also working on some comics with US collaborators, so I’ll have some new artwork to show off soon.

Now, back to work.

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