On the move: SO LONG, COMIC CON

I’ve been there before. I know how things are. At the same time I’m always surprised. At the spectacle of it, at the crazy people. And the wonderfully nice people.

There are the costumes. The noise. The sea of merchandise and comics and artwork. There are the distances you walk in a day.

Trickster was almost to far away this year. Maybe it was the location or the crowd, maybe even the DJ. But Trickster seemed to have lost a bit of it’s magic this year. There were other parties, other bars.

There are the people you meet for the first time, who become instant friends. And there are the people who won’t give you the time of day. There are the planned meetings with editors and people you expect to see. There are the lucky accidents, such as when I had a chance to talk to Ed Brubaker, whom I’ve been a fan of for years. Or the editors I was introduced to by a friend late on the last night at the Hyatt bar.

I had a fantastic time at Comic Con this year. But it does wear you out, walking and talking, smooching and drinking. Instead of going to the con on Sunday, we went to the park and looked at squirrels. And recorded a podcast for Comics For Beginners:


Thanks to Greg Tumbarello, Reilly Brown, Scott Ludwig, Matt Rosenberg, Chip Mosher, Henrik Andreasen and David Lloyd. And a special thanks to Chris Miskiewicz, who was the best wingman ever.

The ball is in play.

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