The Devil's Concubine: COVER ARTIST

The Devil’s Concubine: COVER ARTIST

Let’s start the year off with a bang… It’s official: Danish comic book sensation Peter Snejbjerg has signed on to do a new cover for the US edition of “The Devil’s Concubine“. Peter is known for his work on books such as “The Lords of Misrule“, “Books of Magic”, “Starman”, “The Light Brigade” and “A God […]

The Devil's Concubine: TRAVELLING MONEY

The Devil’s Concubine: TRAVELLING MONEY

Just got word that I have received a travel grant to promote “The Devil’s Concubine” in the US this summer. Thank you, Danish Art Council! The plane ticket is now paid for by Danes’ hard-earned tax money. I assure you that any leftover funds will be spent on comics and colored drinks. I can’t wait. Looking […]

Work in progress: STILETTO

Work in progress: STILETTO

Perhaps introductions are in order. Here are the two protagonist in “Stiletto”. The smarmy guy to the left is Alphonse Ruiz, his older partner to the right is Maynard. This is just a pin-up I did, trying out some new loose techniques. If the pair seem familiar, it’s because they appeared in “The Devil’s Concubine“.