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It has only been a couple of days since the US edition of my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO hit the stores. I’ve been busy going to the biggest crime fiction con here in Denmark to meet readers, publishers and other writers, so I was pretty beat the beginning of this week. Off course there […]


STILETTO: Available for pre-order

Issue #1 of STILETTO hits the shelves April 3rd! Order it at your local comics store or pre-order the trade paperback from Amazon right away. The first 44-page issue, Officer Down, sees detectives Alphonse and Maynard on the hunt for a cop killer, a missing witness and a leak inside their own department. It’s a […]


STILETTO: More news and interviews

The US release of my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! For the English language version, the book has been expanded with several new pages and is being put out in three 44-page issue. Issue #1 entitled Officer Down is released April 3rd (my […]


Breaking news: STILETTO US RELEASE IN 2019

In 2013 my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO was released in Denmark by Fahrenheit. It’s been one of my best received comics work, nominated for the prestigious Ping award and a book that feels very personal to me (even though it’s about a dirty cop trying to come clean). So I’m super excited to share […]

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ON THE MOVE: World Book Fair New Delhi

As you are reading this, I am en route to India to World Book Fair in New Delhi. Woot!! Here’s the official statement: This all came together at the last minute so I didn’t have a chance to prepare much. Let’s just say the last week before Christmas was pretty hectic, moving deadlines for my […]



Do you believe in magic? Sometimes when you wish for something, it comes true. Chris and I have wished for the second volume of Thomas Alsop to hit shelves – and it’s happening! Collecting issues 5-8 of the critically acclaimed series is out October 25th. and it looks every bit as great as the first volume. […]


Work in progress: THE LAST GOOD MAN

Some of you will know that I am currently working on an adaption of Danish crime sensation A. J. Kazinski’s book The Last Good Man, published in Denmark in 2009 and sold to a number of other countries. We are aiming at 132 pages in full color and I’m currently breaking down the novel in chapters […]

Sofie Østergaard og Palle Schmidt i Krea-kampen på DR Ultra


For et par måneder siden var jeg et smut i Aarhus og optage første afsnit af Krea-kampen, et nyt program på DR Ultra. Hver uge dyster 4 børn i forskellige kreative dicipliner og jeg fik lov til at være gæstedommer i programmet, der handler om tegning. Sofie Østergaard er vært og der kommer vist i […]

On the move: NEW YORK, NEW YORK

I am back in Brooklyn this summer, working on a big graphic novel project I can’t really talk about. Not because I’m trying to be coy but because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. And it’s all for specific in-house use and there won’t be much of an announcement. The deadline for this project made me […]


What a fun weekend! The biggest, semi-annual Danish con, Copenhagen Comics was held this weekend in Øksnehallen and I was happy to be able to bring my friend and collaborator, Chris Miskiewicz, writer of Thomas Alsop to the event. Books litterally flew over the counter and it was hard to keep up with the signings […]