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STILETTO: More reviews!

You’re not supposed to Google your own name unless you are ready to get disappointed. However, I was too curious to steer away from this ego-filled activity yesterday and boy, was I releived with what I found! STILETTO has been out in the US for barely a week but already the praise is pouring in. […]



Do you believe in magic? Sometimes when you wish for something, it comes true. Chris and I have wished for the second volume of Thomas Alsop to hit shelves – and it’s happening! Collecting issues 5-8 of the critically acclaimed series is out October 25th. and it looks every bit as great as the first volume. […]

Thomas Alsop FTW!

While we wait for the first trade of Thomas Alsop to hit the stores April 29, why not recap some of the amazing reviews we got: This book is as much a story about Thomas Alsop’s personal awakening, as it was a personal awakening for me to see what a comic can truly do as an […]