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STILETTO: More reviews!

You’re not supposed to Google your own name unless you are ready to get disappointed. However, I was too curious to steer away from this ego-filled activity yesterday and boy, was I releived with what I found! STILETTO has been out in the US for barely a week but already the praise is pouring in. […]



It has only been a couple of days since the US edition of my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO hit the stores. I’ve been busy going to the biggest crime fiction con here in Denmark to meet readers, publishers and other writers, so I was pretty beat the beginning of this week. Off course there […]


STILETTO: Available for pre-order

Issue #1 of STILETTO hits the shelves April 3rd! Order it at your local comics store or pre-order the trade paperback from Amazon right away. The first 44-page issue, Officer Down, sees detectives Alphonse and Maynard on the hunt for a cop killer, a missing witness and a leak inside their own department. It’s a […]


STILETTO: More news and interviews

The US release of my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! For the English language version, the book has been expanded with several new pages and is being put out in three 44-page issue. Issue #1 entitled Officer Down is released April 3rd (my […]


Breaking news: STILETTO US RELEASE IN 2019

In 2013 my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO was released in Denmark by Fahrenheit. It’s been one of my best received comics work, nominated for the prestigious Ping award and a book that feels very personal to me (even though it’s about a dirty cop trying to come clean). So I’m super excited to share […]


Mere ros til den danske Thomas Alsop

I dagens Politiken giver Kim Skotte sin anmeldelse af Thomas Alsop bind 1, der samler afsnit 1-4 af 8. Bogen udkom op til Copenhagen Comics der blev afholdt i juni sidste år, så de er ikke superhurtige på aftrækkernen inde på Politiken… men bedre sent end aldrig! Og når man bliver anmeldt sammen med Peter […]


After a few false starts and close cigars, my 120-page crime noir graphic novel STILETTO is now available for English speaking readers. The first of three chapters is up on the online publishing platform Thrillbent and it’s FREE. Go check it out here. The insane cliffhanger at the end of the first chapter is sure […]


Video interview om Ping-prisen

Hvis du ikke følger Ping-prisen på Facebook, har du måske misset det her video-interview med undertegnede: Video Interview med Palle Schmidt om STILETTO Og hvis du SLET ikke har fulgt med, så er anledningen, at min graphic novel STILETTO er nomineret i kategorien Bedste Danske Tegneserie 2014.


Jeg skal i fængsel

Nej, det er IKKE en aprilsnar! Denne weekend afholdes Krimimesse i Horsens, der traditionen tro foregår i det nedlagte statsfængsel. Jeg er i Arresten søndag den 6. april kl. 11.30 i en samtale med Steffen Larsen. Emnet er (så vidt jeg ved) min krimi-tegneserie STILETTO, der udkom sidste år på forlaget Fahrenheit. Og mon ikke […]

On the move: NYCC 2013

On the move: NYCC 2013

I’ve been too busy meeting people to really do much blogging this year. But here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to and what I feel I got out of this New York Comic Con that just ended today. I went with the distinct purpose to corner some of the publishers who I […]