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The Devil's Concubine: LINDA OSUGI [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: LINDA OSUGI [spoiler warning]

Appetite for destruction Linda may lie about her background, but only to give the right impression. A thrill-seeker by nature, Linda has bluffed her way into the underworld and a job as Jean-Luc’s assistant on a freelance hit. Getting away with murder seems easy and Linda clearly has a talent for it. With total disregard […]

The Devil's Concubine: JEAN-LUC BROUSSARD [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: JEAN-LUC BROUSSARD [spoiler warning]

Killing for a Living With a background in the French Foreign Legion and an intimidating physique, Jean-Luc ought to be the right man for a little freelance murder. He is effective, if not too bright, and he doesn’t get attached to people or things – Except his car, a 1960’s Citroën. A loner by heart, […]

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The Devil's Concubine: MIGUEL TORRES [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: MIGUEL TORRES [spoiler warning]

Speak softly and carry a big stick LaTour’s right-hand man Miguel is living under considerable strain. He can see his boss’ screw-up’s a mile away, but is unable to stop him from making them. Since LaTour often answers criticism with a bullet, Miguel has to step very carefully. Miguel thinks LaTour has been promoted to […]

The Devil's Concubine: JAQUES LaTOUR [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: JAQUES LaTOUR [spoiler warning]

Keeping up appearances As crime bosses go, LaTour is more than a little incompetent. The problem is, he knows it, and being the head of a criminal organization is quite stressful. LaTour is infamous for his temper and unpredictable behaviour. LaTour’s crew are a rag-tag bunch of slacker dope fiends that LaTour tries to control. […]

The Devil's Concubine: MAYNARD [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: MAYNARD [spoiler warning]

Just another day at the office Although he has been parked in homicide, watching everyone else get promoted through the years, Maynard stands by Alphonse and get’s the job done. Where Alphonse is both younger, smarter and prettier, Maynard has the choice role of grumpy, world-weary and cynical sidekick. A family man, Maynard simply wants […]