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The Devil's Concubine: BLOWING S**T UP

The Devil’s Concubine: BLOWING S**T UP

This is what I love about doing comics. That’s a vintage car I’m blowing up, two “actors” risking their life… What would that scene cost if this was a Hollywood movie? But in a graphic novel, what does it cost me to do? Nothing! If I can draw it, I can blow it up. The […]

The Devil's Concubine: COVER ARTIST

The Devil’s Concubine: COVER ARTIST

Let’s start the year off with a bang… It’s official: Danish comic book sensation Peter Snejbjerg has signed on to do a new cover for the US edition of “The Devil’s Concubine“. Peter is known for his work on books such as “The Lords of Misrule“, “Books of Magic”, “Starman”, “The Light Brigade” and “A God […]

The Devil's Concubine: TRAVELLING MONEY

The Devil’s Concubine: TRAVELLING MONEY

Just got word that I have received a travel grant to promote “The Devil’s Concubine” in the US this summer. Thank you, Danish Art Council! The plane ticket is now paid for by Danes’ hard-earned tax money. I assure you that any leftover funds will be spent on comics and colored drinks. I can’t wait. Looking […]

The Devil's Concubine: Like, RED

The Devil’s Concubine: Like, RED

A friend of mine just e-mailed me this picture he shot in New York city. Seems the publicity people behind the new Willis actioner “Red (Special Edition)” have paid a visit to the “Devil’s Concubine” website. Thanks for the homage!

The Devil’s Concubine: Trailer online

The Devil’s Concubine: Trailer online

While we are waiting for the US edition of “The Devil’s Concubine“, it’s now possible to enjoy – and rate! – the International trailer at comicbooktrailers.com. Go! Click! Five stars!