The Devil’s Concubine: CHARACTER BACKGROUNDS [spoiler warning]

I wrote down a little more background for the main characters in “The Devil’s Concubine” to be used promoting the movie deal. But since people have been asking for more about the characters, I’ve decided to post it here. Let’s start with one of the minor characters, Seth.
Spoilers ahead!

I’ve got the power

Decadent and old-fashioned, this spooky, soft-spoken Rastafari has the respect and fear of all his underlings. He lives life in style, surrounded by antiques and beautiful women, and the odd Python snake thrown in for authentic Caribbean flavour. Seth does things the old-fashioned way, never trusting in computers or other modern trinkets. He has an almost superstitious fear of technology, and would rather trust in voodoo than a cell phone or laptop to do his bidding.

Though the Rastafaris never really kill anyone in the story, they all give off the aura of someone not to be messed with. While normally a cool professional, the promise of the mysterious substance known as “The Devil’s Concubine” drives Seth to desperate measures, including calling upon the Haitian to do the dirty work. But even Seth cannot control the Haitian and his own greed for the Concubine.

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  1. Vigan 16. August 2011 at 19:52 #

    propably > probably

  2. Palle Schmidt 16. August 2011 at 20:17 #


    IDW should have picked that up. Too late now, it's already in print, but thanks anyway 🙂

    It's actually one of my most common typos. Nobody's perfect. Sorry!