The Devil’s Concubine: HOW CAN YOU HELP?

I know a lot of you have probably been thinking: “Gee, this Devil’s Concubine book is really good. I wish it sells, so this guy Schmidt can keep putting out books. I wonder what I can do to help?”. Well, here are five easy ways:

  1. Buy the book. Or steal it. Empty out those stores, so they have to order more. Remember, Amazon is a store too! Click the ad in the sidebar of this page, takes you right to them.
  2. Spread the word. You know Facebook, right? Or Twitter? Copy/paste this link: Share the love! You could even talk to people in person. Weird, huh? 
  3. Go guerilla. If you’re in a store were they have the book, put it in front. Put it in the window. Or praise the book loudly while flipping through the book, get the other customers riled up.
  4. Use your voice. Have a blog or a website about comics? A podcast? Give my book 2 minutes. Or write me for an interview, I’ll give you whatever you need.
  5. Use your imagination. Anyone have a blimp?

 Big or small, all help to promote this book is much appreciated. Thank you!

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