The Devil’s Concubine: TWO NEW REVIEWS!

Noir Journal has just posted a review of my book The Devil’s Concubine by award-winning crime novelist Sam Millar:

“The art is beautifully rendered and a delicious feast for the eyes, slicing and dicing so quickly we barely have time to blink away the blood from beneath our lids. The two hitmen–the manic and impulsive Linda and the almost saliently silent Jean-Luc–are a marriage made in hell. Perfect noir dwellers down to their last pocket of luck, with holes aplenty for what little of that remaining luck to fall through. The story is told at a breakneck pace with sardonic and ultra-readable dialogue kicked in for good measure”.

Read the rest of the review here

Joyhog silmultaniously put up a review, giving the book a 5/5 rating:

“Originally released in Denmark, The Devil’s Concubine incorporates a healthy amount of American crime pulp in the vain of 100 Bullets and the witty banter of Get Shorty. What’s more impressive than the story itself are the moments of absolute brilliant comedic timing which really sets this crime story apart. Humor is not easy to write and even more challenging to draw, but Schmidt peppers these moments in like a seasoned chef. He expertly weaves in a healthy mixture of non-fiction and fictional crime elements that demonstrate a keen eye to detail that every great crime writer possesses”.

Read the rest of the review here

A good day for this old cartoonist.

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