Thomas Alsop FTW!

While we wait for the first trade of Thomas Alsop to hit the stores April 29, why not recap some of the amazing reviews we got:

This book is as much a story about Thomas Alsop’s personal awakening, as it was a personal awakening for me to see what a comic can truly do as an art form.
— Drunk on Comics Podcast

It’s incredible storytelling from both the writer and the artist and by far one of the best things being published by any company at the moment. Do yourself a favor and check out Thomas Alsop, the only thing you’ll regret is that it took you this long to read it.
— Comic Bastards

With Chris Miskiewicz keeping me on my toes story wise and Palle Schmidt continuing to blow me away with such a gorgeous art style, the team has me on the ride that is Thomas Alsop… It’s not every day that one finds such a great combination of original story and artwork.
— Fangirl Nation

Schmidt’s storytelling is superb and he uses both shading and especially coloring to great effect. Each moment has its own distinct feel and he manages to pull the reader immediately into different times and realms with deceptive ease.
— Bleeding Cool

USA Today called it Best Mini-Series of 2014 and I will be hard pressed to disagree. I haven’t read anything this good in a while…
— Pete’s Basement Podcast

Thomas Alsop has been my one of my favorite reads this year, and should be considered as one of 2014’s best new comics so far. Of course, this is highly recommended and a must pull must read series for all.
— Geek Sushi

This has been one of the most satisfying story arcs in comics that I’ve encountered in a really long time. Fun, funny, crazy, bold, edgy, fantastic, honest, human, tragic… I could go on. Thomas Alsop has become a very real person in just eight issues, and I’m sad to see it end. Score: 5/5
— This Podcast Sucks

Chris Miskiewicz has created a character that I can’t help rooting for, no matter how much of a jerk Alsop can be at times. The artwork by Palle Schmidt is spot on for this kind of tale, setting the right eerie tone without going too far. 10/10
— TMStash

One of the best horror comics on the shelves right now. Seek it out.
— Travelling Man

 If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know.. Hey, did I mention that USA Today called it “Best Mini-Series of 2014”?

You can preorder the book from Amazon right here.

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