Work in Progress: PRISON PITCH

I am working on a comics pitch with Brooklyn based writer Charles Soule, that takes place in a prison. I’m not allowed to say any more at this point, but I thought I would share a sneak preview with you. The plan was to have it finished today, but things keep getting in the way. Sorry, Charles!

I find it very hard to juggle all the projects sometimes, skipping between meetings, writing, drawing, coming up with new ideas, pitching new ideas, editing, networking, blogging, actual PAID WORK – not to mention the wife and kids. Yesterday I was at this big reception thing at a publishing house, met a lot of interesting people, writers and editors. Got home late and made lunches for my wife and daughter, half drunk. After dropping off the kids this morning I rushed to a meeting with a script consultant to get notes on my screenplay. Now I am all fired up to get some re-writing done, knowing I can’t, because I have to pick up the kids in a couple of hours and make dinner for them before rushing out to a business dinner.

I half-jokedly tweeted earlier this year, that my resolution for 2012 would be to start more projects than I finish. Seems I might just follow through on that. I’m hoping that a few of the novels, screenplays and comics pitches that are up in the air right now will get finished this year. And next year, get ready for STILETTO!

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One Response to “Work in Progress: PRISON PITCH”

  1. René 15. September 2012 at 06:42 #

    Ouch. I guess it's not you i should ask to do some pictures for my scenario for next years fastaval entitled "Dræbersvin 2: Grisefest" 😉 Know anyone that could draw some killer pigs? And we should get a beer some day. Definetly.

    /René Toft