Work in progress: STILETTO

Part 1: A new project takes form

Having finished the script for “The Devil’s Concubine”, another story started brewing in my mind, starring the two cops, Maynard and Alphonse. I wanted it to look just like any other cop buddy-movie. Maynard a grumpy family man constantly worried about not being in control, Alphonse a young, cool, easy-going guy, not unlike Steve McQueens character in “Bullit”. I even put him in the same black turtleneck, and the same brown Ford – At least that’s what I thought. Until a fellow comic book artist pointed out, that what I had drawn was most definitely not a Ford Mustang. Well, never mind, it’s still a cool car.

Having inked “The Devil’s Concubine” in a slick, black-and-white style and colored the book by computer, I wanted to try something new, and hopefully faster. I often like my sketches better than the finished drawing, so I decided to “ink” the book in pencils, and then paint over it with Ecoline water colors. I wanted a more organic, gritty feel, and also wanted to take things in a more expressionistic direction. Before writing the script, I did a few tests, just to get an angle on the project. This page is one of the first.

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