Work in progress: STILETTO

Shark Sequence part II

Here is another look at the dream sequence I discussed earlier. It symbolises loss of control, probably one of the biggest fears of modern man. I guess there are other interpretations, like the fact that sharks have to keep moving or they die. Fierce predators, reacting on instinct. Maybe they are like the cops of the ocean. Maybe I’m chasing my metaphors too far and going off a cliff.

The first rough sketch is done in blue pencil, for no other reason than to separate it from finished sketches ready to be inked. Or in this case, pencilled. Again.

I found some shark pictures on the web and put them in the scanned page, then toned them way down and printed out the pages on aquarelle paper. I then went over it with Ecoline water color, just using a wash of black and grey tones, making the images “my own”. I couldn’t find an image of an approaching shark opening it’s mouth so I settled for this brooding image of the shark coming directly at you. That’s bad enough, I guess.


Oh, and the blue color is done like this: Add new layer – Layer mode: color – Select:all – Fill: foreground color (blue).

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