Work in progress: THE LAST GOOD MAN

Some of you will know that I am currently working on an adaption of Danish crime sensation A. J. Kazinski’s book The Last Good Man, published in Denmark in 2009 and sold to a number of other countries. We are aiming at 132 pages in full color and I’m currently breaking down the novel in chapters and scenes while cutting to the bone. In some cases I’ve added a few lines or a full scene in order to make the story flow more seamlessly as a graphic novel.

Kazinski sounds like one guy, but it’s actually two – writer/director Anders Rønnow Klarlund and writer/screenwriter Jacob Weinreich. I am thoroughly enjoying working with the two gentlemen and picking up a lot of insight from these successful crime writers.

Here is an early page from rough sketch to final page. Look for the scene in the book and you won’t find it. Sometimes you think of a better way to introduce a character or solve a particular story problem after the fact – and a graphic novel version is an opportunity to try some things differently, as is the case with this page.





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