Working methods: STUDIO vs HOME OFFICE

I have always been in favor of a studio space or office – away from home. And yet here I am, settled with my coffee at my new office set up. At home.

There are a lot of reasons why I felt now was the time to try to work from home. One reason is that it’s easier to concentrate on writing when no one is on the phone or chatting right next to you. Another reason is the fact that I’m at film school a week out of every month, and it seemed a bit much to pay for a desk in town if I wasn’t there that much.

Whether the decision to work from home is permanent or just a phase, time will tell. For the rest of you, here is a little list of pros and cons:

Home office pros:

  • Less disturbances. No chatting to take up your time. Unless you pick up the phone of course. My advice; Let it ring.
  • No rent, maybe even tax benefits, depending where you live.
  • Everything you’re working on is always available. So you can go back to work after the kids are asleep.

Home office cons:

  • Loneliness can creep in and you start talking to yourself. 
  • Harder to divide your time between work and off. You etheir lie on the couch all day or end up doing domestic tasks. Dicipline can be harder to muster, if you’re basically just hanging out at home.
  • No one cleans your coffee mug or gets you lunch. Can be a pro as well, since you don’t have to clean for anyone else either!

Let’s hear your thoughts; Office in town or at home? What’s best?