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STILETTO: Available for pre-order

Issue #1 of STILETTO hits the shelves April 3rd! Order it at your local comics store or pre-order the trade paperback from Amazon right away. The first 44-page issue, Officer Down, sees detectives Alphonse and Maynard on the hunt for a cop killer, a missing witness and a leak inside their own department. It’s a […]


STILETTO: More news and interviews

The US release of my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! For the English language version, the book has been expanded with several new pages and is being put out in three 44-page issue. Issue #1 entitled Officer Down is released April 3rd (my […]

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COMICS FOR BEGINNERS: December Discount!

As you may know, I teach comics over at The blog and newsletter offers a lot of free content, but if you want the full 10 part tutorial series, it’s only available through a premium subscription. Normally the price is $39.99 for lifetime access but all through December 2018, you can get VIP membership […]


Breaking news: STILETTO US RELEASE IN 2019

In 2013 my crime noir graphic novel STILETTO was released in Denmark by Fahrenheit. It’s been one of my best received comics work, nominated for the prestigious Ping award and a book that feels very personal to me (even though it’s about a dirty cop trying to come clean). So I’m super excited to share […]



Here’s a short end-of-year post from me. Short, because I have to go to the airport in a few hours. But I really like to look back on a year to see what I’ve been up to, because in the daily grind I tend top feel that nothing much is getting done. Turns out that’s […]


Anmeldelser: SOLO

Min nye bog SOLO – survival guide til kreative freelancere har allerede her få dage(!) efter udgivelsen modtaget rosende ord på bl.a Instagram. Forfatter og foredragsholder Inez Gavilanes (der også er interviewet i bogen) siger: Ole Damgaard skriver: Og Creative by Heart / Bettina Skindstad skriver i en kommentar til sit eget opslag: Det er virkelig […]


Ude nu: SOLO

Så er det I DAG at min survival guide til kreative freelancere officielt udkommer! Du kan stadig nå at få bogen med 20% rabat, hvis du skynder dig ind på og skriver dig på nyhedsbrevet. Hvis du ligesom jeg er helt vild med freelance-livet og gerne vil omvende andre, så del gerne linket eller videoen ovenfor.


Ny bog på vej: SOLO

Hvis du følger mig på Facebook eller Instagram, så har du sikkert opdaget, at der er en ny bog på vej fra min hånd: SOLO – survival guide til kreative freelancere. Bogen , der udkommer 29. juni 2017 fra Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, er et forsøg på at videreformidle alt hvad jeg ved og synes om det at […]

Me and Peter Snejbjerg hard at work. Photographed by Ole Comoll.


Just got back from 5 days at a comics festival in Munich. I always forget how invigorating it is for me to participate in these things and even though this was a very small venue spread over more days than Danish cons, there was a steady stream of people coming through. It was great to […]