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On the move: NEW DELHI

My wife Line and I were invited to the World Book Fair by the Danish Embassy in New Delhi and both had a ton of programmed events. I taught three comic courses, gave a talk on creative freelancing and took part in a panel discussion on International book marketing and my wife read aloud from […]

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ON THE MOVE: World Book Fair New Delhi

As you are reading this, I am en route to India to World Book Fair in New Delhi. Woot!! Here’s the official statement: This all came together at the last minute so I didn’t have a chance to prepare much. Let’s just say the last week before Christmas was pretty hectic, moving deadlines for my […]



Here’s a short end-of-year post from me. Short, because I have to go to the airport in a few hours. But I really like to look back on a year to see what I’ve been up to, because in the daily grind I tend top feel that nothing much is getting done. Turns out that’s […]

The Devil's Concubine: TWO NEW REVIEWS!

The Devil’s Concubine: TWO NEW REVIEWS!

Noir Journal has just posted a review of my book The Devil’s Concubine by award-winning crime novelist Sam Millar: “The art is beautifully rendered and a delicious feast for the eyes, slicing and dicing so quickly we barely have time to blink away the blood from beneath our lids. The two hitmen–the manic and impulsive Linda […]

On the move: ANGOULÊME

On the move: ANGOULÊME

Tomorrow I am off for the annual comics festival in Angoulême, France. I will bring my book The Devil’s Concubine in the hopes of a sale to the French market. I’m sorry for the lack of posts on here in the past weeks where I have been insanely busy. Please come back in the next […]

The Devil's Concubine: GEEKS OF DOOM REVIEW

The Devil’s Concubine: GEEKS OF DOOM REVIEW

Another excellent review of The Devil’s Concubine is up at Geeks of Doom. Here’s an excerpt: “Palle Schmidt has created a book that adds another stunning chapter to the already deep and vivid cannon of crime books. The Devil’s Concubine takes notes from its predecessors while rebranding itself into a truly gripping graphic novel”. You […]

The Devil's Concubine: LINDA OSUGI [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: LINDA OSUGI [spoiler warning]

Appetite for destruction Linda may lie about her background, but only to give the right impression. A thrill-seeker by nature, Linda has bluffed her way into the underworld and a job as Jean-Luc’s assistant on a freelance hit. Getting away with murder seems easy and Linda clearly has a talent for it. With total disregard […]

The Devil's Concubine: JEAN-LUC BROUSSARD [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: JEAN-LUC BROUSSARD [spoiler warning]

Killing for a Living With a background in the French Foreign Legion and an intimidating physique, Jean-Luc ought to be the right man for a little freelance murder. He is effective, if not too bright, and he doesn’t get attached to people or things – Except his car, a 1960’s Citroën. A loner by heart, […]

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The Devil's Concubine: MIGUEL TORRES [spoiler warning]

The Devil’s Concubine: MIGUEL TORRES [spoiler warning]

Speak softly and carry a big stick LaTour’s right-hand man Miguel is living under considerable strain. He can see his boss’ screw-up’s a mile away, but is unable to stop him from making them. Since LaTour often answers criticism with a bullet, Miguel has to step very carefully. Miguel thinks LaTour has been promoted to […]